Sunday, April 1, 2012

MOBI Ride...... & A Challenge

Today, I went on a 45 mile MOBI ride, Drew is on vacation so I went with my mom, we went out to Frenchtown then saw some dark, gloomy clouds drifting towards us. Naturally, we jump on our bikes and get the heck out of there, we start making our way back. We only made it five minutes before getting hit by the storm, and trust me, we got hit HARD! It started to rain, then the wind started blowing, and then, the wind turned to hail. The wind was coming at us from our right side, so, we were all leaning right on our bikes at a 45 degree angle while getting pelted by hail. We found a hay stack and decided to use it as shelter. As we were stopping, I, of course, forgot to unclip from my bike pedals and the wind blew me over. We huddled and regrouped in a ditch by the road, then crawled under a barbed wire fence to get to the hay stack. We were completely ready to get picked up and driven home, when all of the sudden, the wind and  hail stopped, the clouds cleared, and the sun came out. So we hopped on our bikes and rode home, though we were sopping wet...

On to the next thing, we have a challenge for everyone. Right now we are sitting at $2,320, as you know, we need $5,000 for the first half of our trip. Our challenge to you is to help us raise $2,500 by the end of today (April 1st), so that we are halfway to our goal this week. Please donate! Even $5-$10 would help, as well as sharing this page with your friends and family.


  1. It sounds like you had quite the adventure today! I miss that crazy, tempermental western Montana spring weather! I will donate some money today and also share this with (and challenge) my friends and family -- and hope you reach $2,500! THANKS.

  2. Technically, you reached $2,500 yesterday, because I persuaded my roomate to donate $100 but he is going to write a check that I will send to you. Good work!