Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 1

Today, Mac, Ty, and I began our 67 day bike ride when we drove from our hotel in Portland to Seaside, Oregon. We began the ride by dipping our back tires into the Pacific Ocean and we will later dip our front  tires in when we reach the Atlantic Ocean. After we dipped our tires we rode from Seaside up along the coast until we reached Astoria. Astoria is an awesome little town with a giant bridge that I estimate spans about 2 miles. We continued our ride from there in fair weather and sunshine, riding over rolling hills with dense green foliage. The scenery in Oregon was great because of how much the road winds, as well as, the number of water falls and overgrowth it has. However, the day was also filled with some mechanical problems as well. Ty's back tire kept rubbing against his frame and it seems that we will have to go to a bike shop in Portland in order to get that fixed. However, Mac was able to fix it temporarily and we were able to complete our 50 mile ride through some great scenery. We look forward to our ride to Portland tomorrow. Also, we hope to have the first of our photos up soon for everyone to look at.

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  1. Great going, you guys! Hope the adjustment is only minor and that you have smooth sailing here on out! We're all looking forward to seeing photos when you get a chance! Thank you for riding for this wonderful cause!