Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This weekend's ride...

As many of you know, Drew and I went on a three day, two night training ride this weekend, our bikes were fully loaded with our gear. For our ride, we went a little past Hamilton, two days getting there and one day getting back. Arlen rode with us the first day and part of the second day, my dad rode with us for the second half of the second day and the last day. For our first day, we started at 6 PM and made it to Florence. We woke up the next morning and rode to Stevensville where my dad met us, then continued to Hamilton. The next day, we made our way home at break-neck speed, going about 15 mph the whole way! (with fully loaded touring bikes, this is quite an accomplishment). We got home around 1:30 and had some well deserved Dairy Queen. We learned a ton about touring and biking in general from this trip, and we are hoping to do another one soon. I can tell you this though, on the actual trip, we will NOT be going 15 mph..... Drew and I had to wake up the next morning to the hardest track workout of the year, and boy were we sore!

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