Monday, June 11, 2012

Eat, Sleep, Ride, The Great Divide

Today, we got an early start, the earliest of the trip! We got out of the motel at 8:45am and started the ride up Rodger's Pass (elev.: 5,610). Last night, at the Lincoln grocery store, Drew and my dad bumped into a Lincoln High School graduate named Ryan Thompson who asked if he could ride up the pass with us, and of course they said yes. Drew actually knows him through cross country and track and he has been following us on our Facebook page. It was great having him along with us, and it was a pretty gradual ascent up the pass where we crossed the continental divide, it's all a (net) downhill from here! The descent down the pass was a lot of fun and when we got to the bottom, the wind was at our backs. We turned off the highway onto an 18 mile road to Wolf Creek, it was beautiful and was all rolling hills, one of the highlights of the trip so far. It really started to heat up from there, it actually got really hot, which was great in comparison to yesterday. When we got to Wolf Creek, we followed an old, amazing highway along the Missouri River through a magnificent canyon. It really was one of the best rides of the trip... so far.

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