Saturday, July 28, 2012

A pain in the butt!

Today, we started in Cumberland, MA and got back onto the bike path, which quickly changed from the nicely maintained Great Allegheny Passage to a ton of big rocks, loose gravel, mud, puddles and tree roots. For this reason, wee spaced ourselves out and rode pretty much alone (for the first time in 3500 miles!). The path is also responsible for the severe pain our rear ends are in right now. At our first break, we had the option to ride a half mile to the West Virginia border... which we did! When we got to lunch, most of the riders went bridge jumping into a river. From there we rode into Hancock and tomorrow, we are off to historic Gettysburg where we have a rest day waiting for us! Overall the trail today stunk, but there was pretty scenery and at least we were off the roads!

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