Thursday, July 19, 2012

We are sorry... sooooooooo.... PICTURES!

We feel that it is necessary to begin this blog post with an apology. For some reason, no matter where we went, our blog posts would neither post to the blog site nor save a draft for later posting. We originally thought it was a problem with the wifi connection, but we later discovered it was a problem with the blogging site; and so we offer our apologies for those who have been following our blog. Because it would be impossible to describe our two week journey day to day, we will give an overall picture of our progress through Wisconsin and Michigan. Wisconsin was a very beautiful state and we enjoyed it thoroughly. There were many days over 100 degrees but we got used to them very quickly. There was much green scenery and we rode a majority of our days on rail trails. We also passed through 3 old train tunnels, one of the tunnels being 3/4 of a mile long with it raining inside that tunnel. We also visited a dairy farm - in which we took a tour, ate some cheese (including chocolate flavored cheese), and enjoyed ice cream! We also went to the Wilderness Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells - the waterpark capital of the world! Mac and I both agree that Wisconsin was one of our favorite states. After leaving Wisconsin, we boarded the high speed fairy (which went 45 miles an hour) from Milwaukee, WI to Muskegon, MI. We enjoyed our first day in Michigan as we swam in Lake Michigan and the next day we took a rest day in Michigan Adventure Amusement Park. We enjoyed our first day of riding in Michigan as we got to ride on a pretty rail trail for about a quarter of the way. I would like to comment that I did not enjoy riding my bike through Michigan. The roads were terrible - the paved roads were cracked so bad that I wished we would ride on dirt roads (which we did plenty of). There was A TON of roadkill on the side of the road - in one quarter mile stretch there were 5 dead raccoons followed by a dead deer - it was disgusting. The drivers were extremely rude, as they would pass extremely fast and close to us as we rode. The scenery wasn't great as it was mostly corn fields along with straight roads. There was one highlight as we passed through Michigan and that was Jack Van Houten's house (Jack is one of the Jett Rider's). Jack's house was really fun because we got to hang out with Jack's little brother Kyle (who is afflicted with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy), and we got to swim in Jack's pool. After Jack's house came our hardest day of the Jett Ride portion of our ride. We rode 76 miles that day, which usually isn't too bad of a day, and the bike riding portion wasn't too tough. However, the tough part of that day was the fact that the air temperature was a blistering 110 degrees, with high humidity. This combination didn't bode well for our butts as Mac and I both got the most painful bikers rash we've had our entire trip. However with a combination of baby powder and chamois butter, our butts have made a full recovery! Yesterday, Mac and I both made our first trip into Ohio. We rode through the town of Toledo, which is one of the worst large cities we have visited so far. We are now taking a rest day in Sandusky, OH. We have decided that because we haven't posted in two weeks, that we would reward those reading our blog by posting pictures. Also, if you want to view some videos of us biking on our self contained portion of our ride, you can view them on Neal's blog. Enjoy! 


  1. Thanks for the nice update and photos; it sounds (and looks) like you guys are having a great adventure!

  2. Love the updates and photos. We will see you soon on the shores of Jersey! Cory is so excited!! Ed and Laurie